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Hosting a party of 10 or more?

We have you covered, bring your party to us and enjoy a worry free get together.

Looking for a lunch or dinner gathering

we serve chicken, tuna or egg salad sandwiches with chips, pickle and a drink.

All this for $7.00 person

All we ask is a 48 hour notice.

Call us at 785-816-1616

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Meet Our Team

These are the artisans crafting your perfect cup of coffee or tea.

Dawn Morton. Owner
Marlene Millbern. Manager
Cassandra Ware, Assistant Manager
Avry Collins, Barista
Echo, Barista

Proudly Serving
Broadway Roasting Company Coffee

Broadway Cafe opened in 1992. They began roasting in the back of the Broadway in 1998, and now operate The Broadway Roasting Co. just one block away in the Historic Westport Fire Station 19 Building. Broadway roasts each batch of coffee to highlight the unique flavors, and hard work of the producers at origin. They label their bags with the roast date, where the coffee is grown, even with the Estate/COOP, or name of the farmer. Broadway has coffees from all over the world! Their Espresso is a six bean blend. Each ingredient is roasted individually, and blended in their secret proportions. Broadway is a certified organic roaster.

Proudly Serving Hugo Tea

Every tea in Hugo’s staple collection is Certified Organic, providing objective, third-party assurance that every leaf is grown sustainably and safely. Each tea in the collection represents the mastery of tea pluckers and artisans at origin, creating truly exceptional leaves worth enjoying. All of the tea leaves come directly from farms. Hugo forges long-term relationships with their growers, providing direct investment and support to pursue their joint goals. Hugo’s core Yunnan tea partner, the source of most of their black tea. Ma Wei Farm makes beautiful tea. Long Kou is the source of most of their green teas. Tucked away from civilization in rural Guangxi, China.